“Europe for Citizens” 2014-2020


Strand 2: Democratic engagement and civic participation


2.2 Network of Towns

The Project, promoted by 26 Partners coming from 16 countries, plus a special guest, the Italian Municipality of Soriano nel Cimino, wants to focus on the potential of networks and encourage new forms of civic and democratic engagement by stimulating debate and reflection on EU related themes, fostering the active involvement of citizens in the policy-making process and avoiding passiveness and misunderstanding of EU actions.

2WILL wants to create a path of discussion on 3 main themes, through the linking subject of volunteering:

  1. EU solidarity in times of crisis;
  2. Understanding and debating the risks caused by Euroscepticism;
  3. Debate on the Future of Europe.

Volunteering is important, especially for the young generations, and is a vehicle for personal development, social cohesion, active citizenship and to foster the involvement at EU level avoiding critical oppositions.Youth volunteering is an excellent example of non-formal learning for young people and it also strongly contributes to inter-generational solidarity.

The target groups are citizens from 18 till about 40 years old, with the aims to:

  • Foster transnational volunteering and inter-generational solidarity in the Europe of the future;
  • Improve good working conditions for young volunteers, also through the exchange of best practices among them;
  • Achieve greater recognition of the value of voluntary activities and the skills it promotes;
  • Enhance the knowledge of volunteers about the EU policy-making process, through the knowledge of the “Europe for Citizens” 2014-2020 Programme, of the European funds and of the Europe 2020 Strategy.
  • Recognise and promote cross-border voluntary and solidarity activities in the EU, especially in this particular time of crisis;
  • Avoid border closure and stereotypes;
  • Foster a sense of European citizenship and societal and intercultural engagement, as citizens can be actors not only spectators in the building of the Europe of the Future;
  • Improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level thanks to citizens’ direct involvement in the 2WILL activities;
  • Gather best practices, suggestions and proposals for a better and solidal Future of the Europe.

Key actions and features:

  • Equal Access: attention is given to balanced integration and participation of citizens, without discrimination, mainly for hard-to-reach groups (those who haven’t been involved so far or reject the EU outright);
  • -Local dimension: it is reached bridging the gap between EU and citizens, planning actions reaching people in their daily lives;
  • -Transnational dimension: it is expressed by the Project theme, tackled from a EU and local perspective, by cooperation and target groups from different countries and by the dissemination of results across borders;
  • Active involvement of citizens in the planning and implementation of the activities;
  • Enhancement of a long-lasting cooperation network for a tighter-knit, democratic and world oriented Europe;
  • Brainstorming sessions, workshops, seminars to get the participants into the core of the Union’s processes (EU policies, EU funds, the Programme and the 2020 Strategy);
  • Practical activities to avoid passive listening: team building activities, group work, open conferences, role playing, story-telling, involving participants and local citizens;
  • Signature of the “Friendship and Cooperation Agreement”;
  • Creation of a permanent committee for the planning of future actions.
Duration of the project

Start date: 01/01/2017

End date: 31/12/2018

Deadline for submission: 01/09/2016

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